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  1. Kill

    Lee Perry saw something in the Congos and in the songs they had written and he truely wanted to get the best out of the group and push the message given by the songs lyrics. Watty Burnett, a regular figure at the studio, joined the group at this point as Perry thought his deep barritone vocal would help add a further dimension to the overall.
  2. Kajijinn

    In I started producing world-class guided meditation tracks, with powerful healing frequencies and custom-composed music, sharing all of the best techniques I had learned over the years. Today my entire library of 48 Guided Meditations have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people of all ages from more than 70 countries.
  3. Mezisho

    Feb 21,  · Psalm 1 Deep Roots -3 Psalm 1 Deep Roots -2 Psalm 1 Icebergs Psalm 1 Spiritual Trees Psalm 1 Let's Get Growing Psalm 1 Like a Tree Psalm 1 Slow Down and Live Psalm 1 Ongoing Meditation Psalm 1 Madame Curie Psalm 1 Think About It Psalm 1 Happiness And Holiness Psalm 1 Tall Trees, Deep Roots. Psalm 2 God and Guns. Psalm 2 How it all Ends.
  4. Bakus

    Meditation is relaxing. Simple as that. Especially guided meditations, that is if you’ve found a good one with a guide that has a soothing voice and knows what he/she’s talking about. We’ve got you covered in that department in just a moment! Meditation can help lessen physical pains that may be causing the insomnia. There are a couple.
  5. Kazilrajas

    Lee Perry is generally acknowledged as a production genius, but on occasion that genius can be destructive, and while there's no disputing his talent, sometimes the results can be less than aurally satisfying. This is especially true when it comes to albums, where Perry's efforts were often erratic. On Heart of the Congos he was brilliant, and across the record's original ten tracks Perry.
  6. Aragal

    At any given moment, we are cultivating something. Feeling good feels good. This is the reason loving-kindness meditation is such a crucial part of my own meditation practice. Loving-kindness meditation is a practice that involves intentionally thinking thoughts, visualizations, mantras, that activate feelings of gratitude, connectedness.
  7. Tucage

    Short, funny, intelligent drama scripts, beautiful and challenging prayers, thoughtful and witty posts. An invaluable resource for church and school.

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