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  1. Nikozuru

    Three short films make up the collection: "Cosmos Locos," "Frankenstein's Fatal Flying Guillotine," and "Bong Fly," and each was produced, written, directed, shot, scored and edited by Ryan Meade. "Cosmos Locos" stars Tom Sullivan, in an action adventure comedy that takes place in a comic book shop.
  2. Mezahn

    Ok, this got brought up in the Scyther thread - it's time start listing them. A lot of this will cross over with what's covered in the International Forum but there will be a lot of domestic stuff and euro stuff too. I figure this is the best spot for the thread. It goes without saying that most of the time the quality is garbage and that a lot of this stuff is unlicensed, public domain or.
  3. Daijar

    Trivia/Doctor Who S 24 E 2 Paradise Towers; Trivia/Doctor Who S 26 E 3 The Curse Of Fenric; Trivia/Doctor Who S 27 E 8 Fathers Day; Trivia/Doctor Who S 30 E 12 The Stolen Earth; Trivia/Doctor Who S 32 E 8 Lets Kill Hitler; Trivia/Doctor Who S 33 E 2 Dinosaurs On A Spaceship; Trivia/Dog Day Afternoon; Trivia/Dogtooth; Trivia/Dogville; Trivia.
  4. Mikami

    An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.
  5. Vudor

    Now, fair warning, there is a Weeping Bat ahead of you, past the desk and hanging out in the lower aisles there. Draw him out and finish him on your own terms. The path back there has some dead body parts as well as the [PATRICK NAPIER] file. A row to the east of where the path to the file .
  6. Kagar

    RIP: Chicago Rapper, FBG Duck, Reportedly Pronounced Dead In Downtown Chicago. 2 Others Were Injured! (Footage Of The Aftermath) [Updated] , Pregnant Woman Eating Ice Cream In Car Handcuffed At Gunpoint After Anonymous Call! , 6ix9ine Trolling.. Getting Chased Down The Block In New York + Spotted In The Mall And Fans Calling.
  7. Fenrikora

    Crazy how Ninja got 27 kills, without going to tilted. level 2. brd. Lucky Llamas. Original Poster 83 points · 1 year ago. Right?! 27 kills rotating from Retail Row to Fatal Fields.
  8. Vukus

    Dec 15,  · While has been touted as the Year of the Comic-book Movie, those centred around heroines have been notable by their absence. Sure, X-Men 2, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Daredevil have then in supporting roles, but going by the example of the last-named, anyone expecting much is likely to be sorely disappointed. Elektra, one of the toughest, deepest, most twisted .

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