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  1. Yozshuzil

    dis·tort (dĭ-stôrt′) tr.v. dis·tort·ed, dis·tort·ing, dis·torts 1. To twist out of a proper or natural relation of parts; misshape: a reflection distorted in the moving water; a face distorted in misery. 2. To cause to deviate from what is normal, reasonable, or accurate: "Though I knew how to translate exactly what she had told me, I realized.
  2. Goltirn

    We here at Distorted Sound are delighted to premiere the brand new song from LUNA’S CALL! New Song News Premiere Progressive Metal. PREMIERE: Eternal Blue & The Frontier – Ares One. July 27, July 26, Dan McHugh. Music Video New Song News Premiere Progressive Metal Progressive Rock.
  3. Mezigar

    Distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs) are a common screening and diagnostic test used to assist in the identification and diagnosis of hearing impairment in young infants referred from newborn screening. Thus far, clinical test performance for diagnostic DPOAEs specific to the infant population have yet to be established.
  4. Vut

    Collected during basic scan: frequently pulled from haulage vessels. Data from a scan of a shield system over a given time period is a normally reliable data set, as long as the input variables are correctly compensated for. In rare cases this data doesn't fit probable patterns and is of keen interest to certain individuals. — In-game description Distorted Shield Cycle Recordings are .
  5. Tashakar

    Distortion Product OAEs (DPOAEs) To compute all frequencies, you need DP emission and noise values for , , , , , ,
  6. Faeran

    Distort definition is - to twist out of the true meaning or proportion: to alter to give a false or unnatural picture or account. How to use distort in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of distort.
  7. Telar

    Otoacoustic emissions are non-linear distortion products generated in the cochlea and transmitted back through the middle ear to the outer ear, where they can be detected as sound using a sensitive microphone. Otoacoustic emissions are generated by outer hair cells, and so can be used to determine if outer hair cells are functioning normally.
  8. Kajas

    Compared with convention scanning electron microscopy (SEM), field emission SEM (FESEM) produces clearer, less electrostatically distorted images with spatial resolution down to 1 1/2 nanometers – three to six times better. Other advantages of FESEM include.

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